a moon in the sky

Her romance

This time has been all but non-existent

So far


So far

This apparent lack of swiftly sweeping gestures


Hazy gazes through rose-coloured glasses of wine


Contrived bouquets too fragrant of expectation


Endless blue oceans of empty cliché

Suits her this time

Just fine.

Delighting in this quiet realisation she

Records this in her memoirs as a win

So she

Allows her reticence to recede and reveal

This cool change

Always longed for

But not expected 

Her romance

Lacking lightning and thunder-applause as much

As she

Knows she

Lacks the features of a perfect porcelain wife

She is docile, she is soft

As she

Allows the clouds to meet her in the next day

And she

Allows all powder blue to fade to white.


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